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Storage that Sticks to the Wall: Pita Plus

Pita Plus can be stuck on and taken off whatever objects that the adhesive sheet can adhere to! You can use this as a storage item by combining the sheets with the parts.

Easy Installation

The installation for Pita Plus is done by sticking the sheets on a wall that you would like to use it on and then inserting the parts. Additionally, because it uses adhesive sheets, removal is easy.

※You cannot use this on uneven surfaces.

Easy Installation

Clear Material

Both the sheets and the parts of Pita Plus are made from clear materials. Therefore, you can use it in places like your desk and in the kitchen without ruining the impression of the room.

※Clips and cup-holders are made from opaque parts.

Clear Material

Pen Stand

Cord Reel

Paper Holder

Use it with ballpoint pens, rulers, box cutters, etc. to tidy up your desk.


Storage for easily-tangled cables and cords such as earphones and phone chargers.In addition, it is available as backhanger.


For displaying papers on surfaces that you cannot use pushpins on such as glass and metal.




3-party Hook

Make seasonings like spices and bullion more accessible in the kitchen.


Use it as a place for a kitchen timer or your kitchen sponge and dish soap.


Of course it can be used for cooking utensils, or use it to hang your keys.


Soap Tray

Cup Holder

Razor Holder

Allows your soap to dry and prevents it from losing its shape.


A convenient cup for rinsing your mouth, easily dried out by putting it upside down.


Neat storage for T-shaped razors, able to be placed out of reach of children.




Parts can be changed/replaced to fit your various needs.


■Full color printing of your favorite artwork.

■Gel sheet in customized shape to fit for the design theme.(Extra charges applied)

■Changeable and flexible parts to meet your special needs.(Extra charges applied)

※Max holding weight various from different gel sheet size, shape, parts, and surface conditions


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